Specializing in Purebred and Mixed Small Breed Puppies

  1. Our goal at the Village Pet Shop is to provide healthy puppies as family pets at a reasonable price. We allow customers to have unlimited playtime when selecting their puppy.

Emme, Yorki-Maltese

Emme, Yorkie-Maltese (SOLD)

Our knowledgeable personnel will …

  1. assist you in choosing the right puppy for you and your family.
  2. explain different breed characteristics such as non-shedding vs. shedding and high energy vs. low energy, etc., and
  3. answer any other questions you might have.
Toby, Fawn Pug

Toby, Fawn Pug (SOLD)

Stop by and check out the available puppies in our shop.

All our puppies are fully vaccinated and de-wormed. They are vet checked and come with a veterinarian certificate listing the breeder’s name and address, vaccine schedule, and a health guarantee.

For more information or to reserve a puppy,
call us at (856) 262-9090!